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Channeled Readings Available Are you seeking guidance on your higher purpose in life?

Bryan offers Channeled readings, Chakra and Past life readings.

Bryan is a channel for beings of light from higher dimensions of reality and being.
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He is a channel for the Elohim...

"The Seven Mighty Elohim and Their Divine Complements, their Feminine Counterparts, are the Builders of Creation. It was They who responded to the Fiat of the Lord God 'Let there be Light: and there was Light' and the Fiat of Creation to create the worlds. . . "

"These Seven Sets of Twin God-Flames: are the "Seven Spirits of God" referred to in Revelation 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6. 3 The Elohim are also the "Morning Stars" that sang together in the Beginning, as revealed by the LORD in the Book of Job."

Bryan is also a channel for a guide called "Orion" who is a being of light of great wisdom and compassion and his guides work with him when he is teaching "Awakening your Light Body" and "Connecting with Light" classes as well as when he is teaching or giving Reiki.

If you are finding life challenging, feeling there is something else you should be doing, or are seeking some answers to who you are and why you are here, then these beings and guides are available to you. They will help you to connect with your highest purpose in life, your true reason for being. They are happy to assist you and give you their guidance.

During a reading, these guides will offer insights and different perspectives on any questions or matters which concern you. Their guidance is always directed with compassion, for they know that you too are a being of light who has chosen to experience a sense of separated identity and consciousness. You have chosen this in order to eventually master this separated energy and consciousness which you are experiencing and eventually remember and realise your Divine nature. All problems, issues and difficulties are your unique training program which you have chosen to experience.

Behind these challenges, which you experience as a separated self, is a greater wisdom and a greater love. A channeled reading can help you to gain insights and new perspectives to use for your growth.

Readings last about an hour and can be recorded. It is important to record readings as they usually reveal many things over a period of time.
Contact Bryan on Leeds (0113) 2667229 to arrange for a reading. Cost is £45. For those on low incomes, students, unemployed etc please discuss with me. Show all news